Finding Jewels Between Projects

This past weekend, I completed a couple of major projects. Usually, it takes me about a week before I’m immersed in a new project again. After completing any big project, I’ll spend time cleaning off my desk, cleaning out a closet or some bookshelves, watching movies, puttering in my little garden, and doing a couple 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles.

I think these tasks are about clearing out the cobwebs, mentally and physically.

Today, I came across a three-ring binder from my first ever website. I laughed looking at its simplicity and remembered creating it via a web-building software program, which was pre-WordPress and other website builders. I learned a lot about building websites through that easy-to-use program.

Glancing at the notebook pages and quickly removing them to throw away, I found one page that stopped me in my tracks.

My two girls were the best of friends and the worst enemies while growing up, and the page that stopped me had me giggling with a past moment remembered. I believe they would have been in middle school or early high school.

Apparently, I’d read a book by Louise Bates Arness, He Hit Me First, and had laid it aside on the couch. My oldest daughter, Carrie came in and saw it.

“I like that,” she said, reading the cover. “He hit me first. That’s cute.”

“What’s cute,” Kelly, my youngest daughter asked, stepping into the room.

“That he hit me first,” Carrie responded.

“Who did?”

“You did.”
“I did not.”

“You did too.”

“You hit me first!”

“Uh-huh, you hit me first!”


About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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