Creating a (Writing) Space

I moved recently.  I noticed as I removed items off the shelves and walls, those items some call knickknacks but I call reflections of my personality or that provide Feng Shui cures for structural obstacles, that the chi (another name for energy, pronounced chee) began to swirl around the room.

As the books came off the shelves and the pictures off the walls, the rooms began to echo.  Sounds became almost disturbing.  Hollow.  Lacking depth.  I shivered not liking this energy.

Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Prior to the day of the big move, when movers would take my dozens of boxes and heavier, bulkier furniture to my new place, I was moving my kitchen and bathroom, getting those two rooms set up.  My office equipment and supplies, along with my mementos and other Feng Shui materials were stacked, waiting for later placement after the big furniture arrived.

During this pre-emptive moving, I watched these two rooms became warm and the welcoming, positive chi return.

Because I moved into a much smaller apartment, moving from 740 square feet to 520 square feet losing 220 square feet in the process, once the furniture was in position, the boxes were piled everywhere, with most of them stacked in the living room.

Diana's new living room - from this to

The energy was stifling.  Instantly, I was reminded of my grandmother.  She was wonderfully creative and funny but a hoarder, a product of the depression, who lived with a single pathway through her living area.  For nearly a week, my home resembled hers and I thought of her often as I waded through my sea of boxes.

As I unpacked, I discovered I hadn’t pared down enough.  I had more furniture to get rid of.  A dresser.  A small buffet-like table with big, expansive drawers, a large bookcase, storage bins.  Lots of office supplies that I might use one day.  And, an assortment of other stuff.

As I hung pictures, placed my jars of collected sands, beach rocks, and other mementos on the shelves, I listened to and observed the clues that I was creating creative and positive chi:  goosebumps, a new movement of air, even an audible (in my mind’s ear) sigh that this was that item’s home.  Quickly, I noticed that a number of Feng Shui items I had used in my prior apartment weren’t needed for this place: the energy here is far better than the energy was there.

Almost two weeks after my official move, I’m finally settled in.

Diana's new living room

One friend commented that I have an office that comes with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.  She’s right.  Virginia Woolf would be proud.

My new life is devoted to writing and my space wonderfully reflects this new path.

I’m home.

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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