Life’s Little Hiccups

I’m behind.  Again.

I wish I could say that I don’t know how it happens, but actually, I do know how it happens.


And a lack of making writing the priority it deserves.

What’s frustrating is that I know better than this!

June was my last blog before this one and the “Dear Plant” blog posted earlier tonight.  July, I spent dealing with my mother’s care and then dealing with her funeral at the end of the month.

What surprised me was the depression that followed.  I hadn’t felt that depression when my father died in 2008 or when my sister died in 2012, so why was I experiencing it now?  Was it because when their deaths occurred, I’d been writing regularly due to hefty deadlines where I buried myself in the writing instead?

I think so.

While I had a writing project that I was carrying around with me when dealing with Mom’s health issues and then, ultimately, her death, I had no deadlines, so the writing could be postponed.

So July melded into August as I prepared for the new academic year.  I noticed that despite the work, my depression wasn’t lifting like I would have liked.  Then, I became buried and exhausted with all of my work, which was more atypical than normal and with new responsibilities.  Basically, I was too tired to think.  Or write.

Only at the beginning of November, when some of the responsibility eased was I able to breathe again.  I got my writing out and was making headway doing some kind of writing every day, proudly putting red Xs on my calendar.  (Jerry Seinfeld would have been proud!)   And the more I wrote, the better I was starting to feel.

And then, BLAM! I found myself involved in a multi-vehicle (over 20, with 3 semi-trucks, a tow-truck, and police car) crash due a sudden white out on the highway, after having left town with the sun shining and only wet cement.  Michigan weather and living within the lake-effect weather zone, the weather can change quickly, and so it did that day.  Fortunately, there were no deaths, and only one driver seriously injured.  I had a few bumps and bruises, but I was okay.  The car, however, was not.  It was totaled.

That following week was a blur, filled with teaching, doctor appointments, and having to find a new car.  But now, I’m back on the writing track and with renewed energy.

Frankly, I had asked the Universe to put deadlines in my path, so that I would be forced to write.  How quickly the Universe reacted.  Deadlines I had wished for, I got!   A new writing opportunity was presented to me, which I took without hesitation, plus I volunteered to be part of a short-story anthology.  Work deadlines began piling up too, far earlier than usual for the end of the semester.

Despite all these deadlines, here I am writing.  What’s that old adage about the busier we get, the more we get done?

Yes, I’m several blogs behind, but that’s okay.  I’ve learned some lessons about myself and life as I’ve traveled through summer and fall’s events, and . . .

I’m joyously happy to find that I’m losing track of time again as I write.  Yup, I’ve reclaimed that zone.

Even better, that novel I’ve been trying and wanting to finish all year, well, I made getting that first draft finished as a professional goal at work, which has a spring deadline.

I have every confidence the book will finally get written.

Bottom line:  I do well with deadlines.  How about you?

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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2 Responses to Life’s Little Hiccups

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  2. Seven Days in Carrington says:

    The older I grow, the faster I recognize the reversals you have cited along your recent road of life. I have spent all week in hometown where we thought we were losing our mother on Monday. Instead, she rallied and yesterday we transferred Mom into a dementia care nursing facility. So hard, especially for my father. As for me, I just kept working by staying busy, thanking the incredible hospital staff, ironing Dad’s overlooked dress shirts which he probably only wears to funerals now, and yesterday putting away the iconic reminders of her life around my childhood home and the family she created there. Sad, yes but selfishly, I am grateful that I still have her today. Indeed just writing this paragraph jump starts my outlook and consequently disposition for the Day! Thank you for the inspiration Diana.


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