The One Trait Every Writer Needs


The persistent writer

  1.  Submits their[1] work.
  2. Accepts rejection. (It’s not personal).
  3. Accepts criticism.
  4. Wants criticism because they know growth occurs when mistakes are pointed out.  Plus, criticism means the writer engaged the reader, if not hit a nerve.
  5. Pays attention to the details.
  6. Rewrites.
  7. Resubmits.

And repeats steps 6 & 7 repeatedly until SUCCESS (acceptance/publication) is finally achieved.


  1. [1] Yes, you grammarians, I used a singular noun with a plural pronoun.  This duality is acceptable and fast becoming a norm.  Why?  It’s considered wordy to say his or her when talking about more than one person, and it’s too sexist to pick one or the other.


About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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