The Art of Procrastination

There’s no discussion needed.  Not really.  However, I thought you might be amused by my attempts to get the writing done today, as I sit here wasting time that I joyously celebrating having earned last night as a snow day in Michigan.  (About two feet of snow, arctic temperatures that shut down schools, businesses, but not the almighty USPS.)

Cleaned the kitchen.  Thoroughly.  Used a toothbrush to get close to the fixtures so I could remove otherwise-tolerable-on-any-other-day grit and grime.

Cleaned the bathroom.  Thoroughly.  Same toothbrush, but this time I threw it away when done.

Did laundry.

Replaced batteries in my CD player remote because I didn’t want to have to walk across the room to forward to the next song physically once I was in the throes of creativity.

Made hot chocolate.  From scratch.  For some reason, using a mix wasn’t good enough today.

Went outside and shoveled snow from the front of my garage.  Despite, the gale-force wind that will no doubt stack it up against the door again before tomorrow morning.

Heard the jingle of change in the couch.  Removed the cushions.  Had to drag out the vacuum for all the sand, dust, and dirt.

Put on a zippered covering/jacket with a hoodie as it’s getting cold inside.

Vacuumed the rest of the house.  Why not?  The machine was already out.

Dusted the furniture.  Can’t have a clean floor and dirty furniture, can I?

Restocked the toilet paper.

Changed my jacket – didn’t like the color.

Watered the plants.

Watched two guys walking in the driving lane in my apartment complex, wearing no hats or gloves, who stopped and huddled over something in one of their hands.  Suddenly one back up about 20 feet, with the other filming.  The first guy runs full speed toward a drift and plunges in headfirst!!!!!! He comes out, his head totally white, and they high-five and walk on. To find another drift?

Looked for a book to read from my TBR pile, but sorted them all first by genre.  Finished, I decided I needed to be writing instead of reading, so left the TBR pile without a book.

Changed my jacket.  Didn’t like the fit or the lack of pockets.

Finally, at my desk, I thought I would begin my first of many tasks.  Looking at the clock, I realized I’d be lucky to accomplish half a task.

Decided I needed to add to my blog that I haven’t visited since the first of November.

Changed my jacket.  The last one didn’t have a hood.

Okay, NOW, I’m ready to do some writing.

Oh, wait.  I need to turn up the heat and take off the jacket.  It’s too bulky. . . . I think I’m hungry, too.

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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1 Response to The Art of Procrastination

  1. Diane Burton says:

    LOL Good way to spend a snow day.


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