Shopping a.k.a. Procrastination

So, I just HAD to have another set of canisters for my gluten-free flours.  I was tired at looking at the bags on the counter.  So, I went to our neighborhood Meijers late morning, thinking about all the writing I needed to do, but also bemoaning the fact that my favorite Rubbermaid canisters that I had on the counter at home were discontinued in 2010, based on the Internet research I had done earlier.

Had I only known, I would have shopped earlier!!

Anyway, there I was in the store, thinking and bemoaning to myself.  Another woman in the aisle was staring just as intensely at the pithy choices as I was.  “Don’t you hate it when they discontinue your favorite product?” she asked.

I turned to her astonished.  “YES!!”  We lamented for a few minutes, sharing our sad experiences before exiting the aisle at opposite ends.

Ten minutes later, we met at the glassware aisle.  “Looks like Rubbermaid has company with their discontinuations.”

“Really?”  I asked.  Minutes later, I realized she was right.  I didn’t find what I wanted there, either.

About then minutes after that, we were both back in the plastic containers aisle, individually regrouping, re-examining that which we had already thoroughly examined.

“This is sad that we keep meeting like this.”

I left the store with some half-quart canning jars thinking I could create some canisters from them.  I also left the store knowing that we’ll be meeting again next weekend, only we’ll start in the bedding department next time.

Who knows, maybe I have found a future writing critique partner.

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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1 Response to Shopping a.k.a. Procrastination

  1. Diane Burton says:

    I’m with you, Diana. I really hate it when I find shoes I love, that fit well, and when I go to buy another pair find out they’ve been discontinued. Why can’t manufacturers leave well enough alone? Good post!


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