I’m often asked, “where do you find your inspiration?”  Meaning, where do you find your ideas? I find inspiration everything.

I find it by looking out the window and noticing how the leaves blow in the wind and how the limbs rub up against each other, reminding me of families or friends; the leaves rustling are the words we exchange, and the rubbing becomes the verbal and physical contact we have with one another.

I met with a new writer today, a person I’ve never met before.  We made contact on the Internet through a Meetup group, but she wanted to meet with me one-on-one to talk to me about writing, as she is interested in writing but didn’t know where to begin.  She apologize at one point, saying, “I’m probably too old to start writing now,” but I cut her off telling her if one desires something badly enough, age is never a factor.  This woman, in reading this blog, will hear me for the first time commenting on how her face lights up when she talks about the possibilities of writing, writing about past experiences.  I could see the excitement in her voice, her expression, the way she kept returning to various people in her past.  She had no idea what she was inspired by, but I could see her inspiration quite clearly.  After I left, I found myself smiling at her inspiration, which then inspired me!  I suspect there will be many more meetings to come.   And, more inspirations.

I found inspiration yesterday in attending a meeting of other authors where I learned more about post-traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD) as provided by the scheduled speaker, both at a professional and personal level.  I saw PTSD from another point of view, which provided better understanding both in people I know and the possibilities of characters I create.  I was inspired by her inspiration.

I find ideas in snippets of overheard conversations,  in observations as I watch the world move forward minute by minute. I find ideas in wondering where is she going?  Why is he carrying wrapped package and who is the intended receiver?  I see someone limping and wonder at the reason.  I hear a steady stream of sirens through my open window and estimate the number of vehicles that are racing to an unknown destination and wonder is it a fire or a bad accident?  I think about the domino-like consequences that are befalling the victims.

I find inspiration by reading.  And, I read a lot.  I have scars to prove it.  I try to read things I might not normally read; and in doing so, I find new authors I enjoy, even new genres.  I read to learn, to be inspired, to be entertained.  It is the rare book that can do all three, though.  Those books are true gems.  And, I read to simply enjoy.

We use words all the time and the different combinations of words create such a vast experience of visions and expressions.  I’m always amazed at the newness of these combinations.

I am inspired by much, which leads me to say, so many ideas, so little time.

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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