Tumbling forward . . .

  • headlong toward a new semester.  I have hardly begun to touch the various syllabi I need to submit for review in only two weeks.  And in that two weeks, I’ll attend a two-day in-service conference, another day devoted to an all-university celebratory Kickoff, plus two local campus Kickoffs for location I oversee, plus a number of other smaller meetings.  And somehow find moments to finish these documents.

Why is it I never feel ready and yet the semester always begins on time?

After getting home from work this afternoon, I found myself at my desk, soon mired in the ordinary tasks of e-mail, checking pages, FB, and other accounts, tasks that can easily fill hours but have little to show for itself other than the satisfaction of connecting with other earthly souls.  But today was different.  I found myself drifting away from the norm with an insatiable need to create, to express, to WRITE.  And so I did.

  • enthusiastically, as I began a new blog tonight — Into the Core: One Woman’s Mystic Journey.  This has been a book I’ve been wanting to write for a few years.  In fact, one weekend, I sat down and wrote up nothing but notes, pieces and parts of remembered events, which ultimately ended up as 40 single-spaced pages.  I knew then, it was definitely a book.  In this case, it’ll get written one memory/event at a time, so since I will be writing in small increments of time, I thought why not make it a blog?  Hopefully, the topic and stories will generate interest with readers and with a publisher, two, or few.  Actually, I don’t have to hope.  I know it will.  I’ve already sensed the unfolding, seeing it in my mind’s eye.  In fact, I sensed it a few years back but hadn’t figured out exactly how I would write the book or how I’d find the time.  The urge to work on it has been overwhelming; I couldn’t ignore the calling anymore.  And so it begins.

It feels so FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL to be writing creatively again.

  • eagerly, marking today’s calendar square with a big red X with a big red Sharpie performing just as Jerry Seinfeld suggested.  (See my earlier post, “Summertime, Summertime.”)  Since February, I’ve been marking more days off in a month’s time than not.  Marking writing days off on my calendar inspires me.  Not able to mark a day now haunts me.

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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  1. Gloria says:

    You go girl!


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