The difficulties, the pleasures . . .

What is it about writing that is both so wonderful and so difficult?

I love writing.  I love the sound of the keys and seeing the words appear, almost as if by magic, on the page.  I love today’s electronics that makes writing far easier than it was those days I banged on a manual typewriter, trying to get that keyed image through several pages, including carbon paper.  I love how intangible thoughts become tangible letters, and then return to the mind as visual pictures, which I have god-like created.

Starting is easy . . .

Finishing is more difficult.  And yet strangely enough, I procrastinate on the starting.  I now have a file folder of “Blog Ideas” that I’ve started and have yet to finish. 

In fact, I have many writing projects started.  I have two bookcases filled with note books and file folders of starts.  Screenplays.  Plays.  Books.  

Why just this past week, I started a proposed web page, called the Paleo Project, and a reading list where I could keep track of the books I read in a year’s time plus review them for anyone who might be interested.  But then, why do I need to do that—blog a list of readings—when Goodreads is set up for just that kind of sharing?

But then, I think, not everyone is on Goodreads.  I find myself laughing at that thought because my following here isn’t exactly large.  It’s not even mediocre.  Can we say, tiny?

I’m still thinking about all the projects I’ve started over the years versus what I have finished.  Of course, I was side-tracked for 13 years as I pursued an even bigger project that entailed lots of writing, and by golly, I did finish that project!  And, it isn’t as if I haven’t finished other writing projects in the past.  But that’s just it, many of those projects were so long ago.  I’m a different writer now.  At least, I’d like to think that I am.

Starting is easy.  All it takes is an idea.  A few words jotted down.  That’s how it always begins.

I have more than enough writing projects that I’ve started.  I need to start finishing them.

My pronouncement:  I must finish something I’ve created just before I started this post.  I saw the six pages of a new post I had written the day before, entitled, The Paleo Project.  Not even finished, I realized that it would be better served as a blog within a blog.  And so, I just created that new page and published the first post.  More are to come.  

Plus, I have other page ideas to add.  Only for the Brave is my writing blog.  Scaling Down is my blog about down-sizing.  The Paleo Project is about creating a healthier lifestyle.  I’m sure there’ll be more.

So, now I get to finish this post.  This is where the difficulty of writing begins.  Knowing when to stop.  

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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  1. Gloria says:

    I just saw a Seinfeld episode this week where Jerry and George are going to write a pilot for a TV series. They spend most of their time napping with pens in hand, and looking for just the right pen which takes them all day. At the end they have one short sentence and they decide they deserve the rest of the day off because they “nailed it”. Too funny. And so like so many writers!


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