I’m back!

Too much time has passed since I last posted a blog.  I’ve thought about it often, but so many academic chores have gotten in the way.  I’ve realized I allowed those chores to take precedence.  It is up to me to make my own writing a preference.  And I choose to start getting up two hours earlier than normal every morning to dedicate toward my writing.  This morning, it began with this blog.

My screenwriter friend, Pooks, has created a challenge that I couldn’t resist.  Like her, I have piles of books to be read (TBR).  Piles in a bookcase next to my bed, piles on both end tables on either side of my bed, piles in my e-reader.  My initial intent started with a small pile.  Heaven forbid, should I run out of reading material and the library not be open!  Then with the arrival of the Internet and e-readers, what a convenience!  And so the TBR piles grew.  So many new books, so many interests, so little time.

Pooks has come to my rescue.  Her challenge?  To read 12 TBR books.  Now, she’s got a website up and it comes with awards.  How fun!!  http://planetpooks.com/embarrassment-of-riches-tbr-reading-challenge-2013/

The problem was I kept buying but wasn’t reading.  Not that I wasn’t reading books, because I was.  They were textbooks and came before any fun and frivolous reading.

What I like best about this challenge is that I can list the books I read during 2013, and I can rate them.  I can leave a comment, but I don’t have to provide a review.  More time for reading!

Of course, this is a big year for me.  I intend to finish my doctoral degree, but how appropriate to have several big goals for 2013, which I’ve always believed would be my year.  Thirteen has always been a lucky number for me.  Joyously, it’s going to be a year of finishing projects:

  • Graduate!
  • Start publishing my books online – (already in the process with my Avalon Books being sold to Amazon Publishing along with my second book still in print). 
  • Finish my cookbook and get it online.
  • Contribute to my blog regularly (at least once a month).
  • Submit already written articles to journals for academic publishing.
  • Submit my Christmas story script to Hallmark.
  • Do substantial work on my medieval novel.  (This goal got pushed aside due to school but with that goal soon to be finished, I can get back on track again.)
  • And now my TBR pile.

 Thanks for the shove, Pooks!  It’s going to be a fun and fruitful year!

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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1 Response to I’m back!

  1. pooks says:

    Excellent. I’m happy that this is helping you, too. I’m not a good reviewer for many reasons, and so for me just knowing somebody liked or didn’t like a book is enough. A few words why are gravy, but not a big deal.


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