Seeing through Dirty Glasses

How is it every day, nay almost every hour, I have to clean my glasses?  My eyes must be positively filthy!  As a young person without glasses, I used to see old people (take that as people the age I am now) wearing glasses so dirty with smudges and smears, I wondered how they could see anything!  There are times when I’m blinking, trying to clear up what looks like a fuzzy image only to realize the image isn’t fuzzy, it’s my glasses.

I’m a left-brain person who likes everything to have a place, with things in their proper places unless I’m working on that particular project.  The problem is I’m never working on one project at a time.  Only when I finish a big project, does my desk get a good clearing off, with papers filed or trashed.  In the process of clearing off my desk today because I finished a major bite of a big project, and I want a clean desk before I begin the next big bite, I found, well, I could list everything (which I did), but then you’d be bored (so I deleted the list) because, really, the list is only important to me.  To anyone else, it’s just stuff.

Suffice it to say, today was a good stay-at-home day with lots of projects—big and small—accomplished.

Even my glasses are clean.

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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