To Blog or Not to Blog – Is that the question?

I’m a torn soul who dances on that thin line between wanting to share what I do and who I am with universal exposure or remain silent, content to share within my known community.

Yet, I’m a writer.  I produce words in genres that are meant to be public.  Does Sandra Brown blog?  Stephen King?  Nicholas Sparks?  Would Jane Austen have blogged?  Or Thomas Hardy?

I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is only for the brave, those hardy souls willing to take a chance, to grow, to learn, to share, and who are oaring furiously toward some shore known only to them, barely keeping their head above the waves that threaten to swap the tiny boat we call self in this vast ocean of life.

Once upon a time, I had a weekly newspaper column that was published in the Marshall Chronicle for five years, an Erma Bombeckish-type humorous column that talked about motherhood, marriage, and life in general.

Since then, I’ve reinvented myself several times, returned to school and am now a college professor of English, but I still consider myself a writer in a wonderland of words, whether it be script, play, fiction, nonfiction, long, or short;  romance, mystery, comedy, or suspense.

So, here I am resurrecting that column. Only now, it’s online.  I’m still not a hundred percent sure if this is a good thing or not.  What do you think?  Is blogging only for the brave?

About Diana Stout

Screenwriter, author, former English professor
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2 Responses to To Blog or Not to Blog – Is that the question?

  1. Carrie says:

    Blogging is so common anymore (and there are SO VERY MANY PEOPLE) on the ‘net that I don’t think it really matters who blogs or what is blogged about. That being said, there are some real winners out there! I loved “Only for the Brave” so it will be interesting to see its return!


  2. I’m a writer/blogger, so I can honestly say this: Blogs are for writers who are not consistently published who want to be consistently published. I guarantee you that once I get consistently published, I won’t be hot and heavy on my blog anymore–I won’t have the time because I’d be too busy being published in other ways. But while I’m working on a draft, I check my blog stats every night because I want to see who’s read my stuff–no matter what it is. I’ll probably write more if I don’t blog because a) I’ll have more time to write; and b) I’ll be missing my publication/being read fix, so I’ll want to finish something and send it out ASAP. Now that I say this, I should take some time off from my blog and see if this is true!


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